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Strategic Marketing and Sales

Participant Testimonials

  1. This day was wonderful and really helped us understand the differences between sales and marketing and how we need to focus on both.
  2. We really had a great discussion on the definition of Marketplace Positioning and the Unique Selling Proposition and all its confusing terminology. As a result we are much clearer on our Positioning and what we need to do to build and sustain it.
  3. The Systems Thinking Approach to Sales and Marketing makes the most sense of anything I have ever seen in the field—our Strategic Marketing and Sales Plan has now begun successfully.
  4. Our Strategic Marketing and Sales Plan underwent a thorough and systemic analysis. Now we know what we need to change to be successful.
  5. Previously we had developed a Strategic Planning for Marketing and Sales but it was subject to the SPOTS SYNDROME (Strategic Plan on the Top Shelf). We now have a solid process of Leading Strategic Change.
  6. I now have a much better understanding and Game Plan that is appropriate to our products and services as they move from Simple to Complex Sales efforts.
  7. Thank you for the broad array of powerful tools that are simple and practical and I can implement immediately.
  8. It was great to identify the right Key Success Measures/Goals for our Marketing and Sales efforts. We had been just measuring comprehensive activity metrics.
  9. We have had a list of critical issues facing us but we now have a small set of Core Strategies that are focused and leveraged to deal with them all in the proper sequence. Thanks.
  10. We really had no real understanding of the full range of e-commerce marketing and sales options for us. Now we have three I think will be quite successful.


Sample Workshop Agenda:

Time Topic
8:00 Continental Breakfast
8:30 1. Welcome/Introductions
Meeting Purposes
Three Goals
• “To Do List”; norms; materials; sample plans 
• Strategic Issues list
  2. What is Strategic Planning vs. What is Business Planning (4 choices)
  3. Three main premises:
a. “Systems Thinking—Focus on Outcomes Serving the Customer”
— What is a system?
— A–B–C–D–E: A New Orientation to Life
— Four phases/many uses — Overview of concepts and research results
— Strategic Planning leads the way (A–B–C–D–E)
— Model; steps; tough choices
— Culture change: Three kinds of change
— Change via an “Organization as a System” Model
— Right Answer #3: Customer Focus (Key Commandments)
10:00 b. Planning is a part of management
— Five functions of management?
— Right Answer #1: Strategic Management System (SMS)
— Strategic Change Steering Committee (to manage change)
  c. “People support what they help create.”
— EI = f (Q x A)
— Cascade of planning
— Parallel process/key stakeholders listed
— Right Answer #2: Leadership/Management
  4. Summary close
12:15 Lunch
1:00 5. Begin to conduct an actual Plan-to-Plan session
a. Barriers and issues
b. Amount of team building/leadership development desired
c. Environmental Scanning
d. Committee membership; roles; commitment
e. Support team membership; roles; commitment
f. Outputs tailored to your organization
g. Tasks; flow; timing vs. budgets
4:30 6. Next steps; “To Do List”; closure


Sample Workshop Participant Notebook

Table of Contents


• Purposes
Part I: Defining Marketing and Sales
Part II: Executive Briefing
• The Systems Thinking Approach
• A Strategic Management System
Part III: Three-Year Business Planning: Step-by-Step Step
  #1: Getting Started: Plan-to-Plan 
• Organizing: Plan-to-Plan
• Phase A Step #2: Ideal Future 
• Vision 
• Positioning/Rallying Cry
• Phase B Step #3: Key Success Measures
• Phase C Step #4: Current State Assessment Step 
#5: Core Strategy Development Step 
#6: Three-Year Strategic Action Items Step 
#7: Annual Plans/Budgets
Phase IV: Successful Implementation
• Phase D Steps #8-9: Plan-to-Implement/Change Management Step 
#10: Sustain High Performance—Annual Strategic Review