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Live Webinars

1. Strategy Implementation – The Systems Thinking Approach

Join us for this 7-part weekly live webinar series that will help you ensure that your plans become actions and you continue pursing your goals until they are met or exceeded. Learn the best management tools for executing your organization’s strategy consistently and effectively, even when inevitable distractions get in the way.  Learn when to persist and when to reevaluate and adjust to the current environment. Participate live on Fridays, October 7- December 2, 2016, 2 pm Eastern time (no classes on Nov. 11 or 25).

Also available recorded.

This series is Phase 1 of our 3-phase certification in Strategy Implementation and Change Management. Consider joining our Master Class January 17-20, 2017 for Phase 2.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To acquire the knowledge and skills to apply a disciplined systems thinking approach to the implementation of strategic plans and any other strategic initiatives
  • To understand strategy implementation in the context of the overall strategic management cycle (and NOT as one-off projects), and to appreciate the importance of managing the organization strategically
  • To understand the critical planning elements that MUST be in place first, so that strategic initiatives and strategic plans can get implemented effectively
  • To understand how to build the organization‘s capacity required for successful strategy implementation, and for sustaining the benefits and objectives of the strategy to be implemented
  • To learn how to “engineer success upfront”
  • To learn what an implementation game plan is, and what goes into it
  • To acquire practical tools, techniques and frameworks for strategy implementation