Best Practices Report - International Quality Study

Best Practices Report – International Quality Study

American Quality Foundation (AQF) and Ernst & Young

Summary of Study

  • extensive statistical study
  • 945 management practices over 580 organizations (84% response rate)
  • in U.S., Japan, Canada, Germany
  • automotive, banking, computer, health care industries

Best Practices Lead to High Performance (defined as:)

  1. Market performance (perceived quality index)
  2. Operations (productivity) performance (value-added per employee)
  3. Financial performance (ROA)

Only Three Universally Beneficial Practices

  • Only three (3) universally beneficial practices with a significant impact on performance regardless of starting position (rest is a “fit” question of organization — environment — performance)
    1. Strategic Planning/Deployment (Implementation)
    2. Business Process improvement methods (if focused on the customer)
    3. Continuous broadening of your breadth and depth of leadership and management practices (to make additional gains in performance)


Fundamental organizational activities — managing people, processes, technology, and strategy