"Customer Recovery Strategy" (CRS) Design Characteristics

“Customer Recovery Strategy” (CRS) Design Characteristics

For Unsurpassed Customer Service

At the “Moment of Truth”:

  1. Focus on the 5-10 year ROI of the customer.
  2. Focus on your long-term image and reputation. (Remember, unhappy people tell 11 others; happy customers tell 4 others.)
  3. Empower the person at the “moment of truth” to be creative and innovative to surpass the customer’s expectations as to solving the problem.
  4. Provide expenditure authority to do the above.
  5. Ensure accountability = responsibility—at the “moment of truth.”
  6. Focus recovery on future business (i.e., 50% next time; free next time, etc.).
  7. Speed up the recovery—at the “moment of truth.”
  8. Develop a “Customer Guarantee” and live up to it/surpass it.
  9. Ensure your CRS deals with fast responsiveness, being knowledgeable, having empathy and sensitivity, as well as both the tangibles and intangibles.
  10. What else?

Five Levels of Recovery Strategy Mastery: Which do we do?

_______ 1. Deny it’s our problem. (I just work here.)

_______ 2. Fight their concern but eventually give in to them. (They won.)

_______ 3. Meet their expectations. (Customer is always right.)

_______ 4. Meet their expectations and then do something else beyond it that they don’t expect (including an apology).

_______ 5. Do #4 and fix the underlying system or process problem of which it might be a symptom.