Cross-Function Teamwork - The Horizontal Organization

Cross-Function Teamwork – The Horizontal Organization

Type of Teamwork

Teamwork Emphasis

Individual Focus
Some Cross-Functional Teamwork
Ultimately Cross-Functional Teamwork
1. Shared Vision/Strategies
Senior Management’s Job Only
Dept. Mission & Plans Only
Sharing of Dept. Plans/Regular Follow-up Mtgs.
Every Dept./Level Uses Strategies as Organizing Focus
2. Organization-Wide Strategies (or goals)
Specific KRAs for my Job
Dept. Goals Only
Project Teams for Certain Strategies
All Have Strategy Sponsorship Teams
3. Leadership/Management Skills
Traditional Boss – Subordinate Skills
Some Participative Mgmt. Skills
Trainer–Coach Facilitation-Conflict Skills for Managers
A Full Leadership Development System
4. Core Business Processes
Individual Job Focus
Dept. Processes
Some Process Improvement (TQM/BPR)
Organize Company Around These Processes
5. Supplier/Customer Contact
Only If In Your Job Description
Certain Depts. Only as Interface
On Special Occasions or Cross-Functional Projects
Normal Part of Everyone’s Job in Cross-Func. Teams
6. Organization Design — Hierarchy
Standard Vertical Bureaucracy/Job Descriptions
Emphasis on Dept. Teamwork & Team Building
Cross-Functional Projects/Tasks Often Set Up
Cross-Func. Teams With Shared Leadership/Mgt. (Team Leaders)
7. Physical Set-up/Location
Offices/Cubicles for Individuals
Each Dept. Separate
Meetings & War Rooms for Cross-Functional Projects
Cross-Func. Team Members in Same Open Location
8. Resources, Communications, and Techology
Based on Your Job & Need to Know
Openness & Participation in Dept. Resources
Access to Cross-Functional Projects Resources, Communcation, & Technology
Open Book Mgmt. Across Orgn.—Info Available to All
9. Rewards System
Adversarial/Individual Focus
Dept. Teams Only Rewarded
For Cross-Functional Projects
Standard Cross-Func. Team Rewards
10. Percentage of Organization Managed by Cross-Functional Teams