Strategic Thinking Defined

Strategic Thinking Defined

Strategic Thinking is a broader and more innovative way of thinking on a daily basis about the overall goals of your job, team, and organization. It is longer-term oriented with a more systemic and holistic view of your environment.

It is also disciplined thinking with a focus first on the desired outcomes of your entire business as a system and then on the relationships between your organizational components along with constant feedback about results to find the leverage points that best achieve yourdesired outcomes.

The parts of an organization don’t usually fit and work together well – too many silos and political conflicts.

  • Strategic is about clarifying the direction and vision of the whole, along with its Key Success Measures.
  • Strategic is about identifying relationships supporting the whole organization and vision.
  • Strategic is about identifying leverage points for enterprise-wide change.

This is a simple, yet structured, way to organize your thoughts about all the complexity in your world today.

It helps you clarify your goals, desired outcomes, or vision that you want the whole system to achieve, along with constant feedback vs. the desired outcomes.

It allows the relationships and fit of the parts and pieces to each other to be supporting, not hindering, achievement of the whole!

Thus, you can clarify where the leverage is for successful change. It leads to a powerful synergy of people working together to achieve the same common goals of a vision in a better and superior way.

“This” is Systems Thinking…it is also Strategic Thinking!