Barbara A. Collins, M.S. Recent Clients and Projects

Barbara A. Collins, M.S.

Comments from participants:

  • Barbara’s very open and engaging. She and her co-trainer made the group feel comfortable and helped us do a lot of work in a short period of time. They really demonstrated effective team training.
  • The trainer was enthusiastic, helpful, and knowledgeablejust great!
  • Great tempo, and I enjoyed the examples and opportunities to work on practical applications.
  • Barbara tailored the training to needs of the participants (which were varied).
  • Barbara is patient and creates a comfortable climate for learning and sharing.
  • She’s energetic and has a good sense of humor.
  • The week-long program was fun. ‘A learning experience’ ‘Useful’ ‘Worthwhile’ ‘Fantastic!’
  • She knew the topics well but did not dominate, allowing the class to practice their new learned skills.

Recent Clients and Projects

  • Indian Health Service (US Dept. of Health and Human Services) (2006-Present) – Developed first set of comprehensive written policies for their Scholarship, Loan Repayment and Recruitment Branches; then facilitated three subsequent updates. Interviewed and shadowed staff and managers to identify relevant processes and streamline existing practices.
  • National Partnership for Juvenile Services (2015-16) – Participated in the development of an online learning/training function self-assessment instrument and process, titled Best Practices in Learning and Performance, whereby Staff Development administrators can assess their department’s ability to meet organizational learning needs for the 21st.  Co-led a team developing a series of basic youth care asynchronous e-learning courses for agencies without training staff.
  • Washington Suburban Sanitary District (multiple contracts 2005-15) – Facilitated strategic planning engagement and governance changes with their board of Commissioners. Co-facilitated development of their strategic plan and strategic management system, including training, coaching and supporting execution of strategic initiatives using cross-functional teams. Additional initiatives included redesigning the performance management system, creating a leadership development system, succession planning process development, work culture survey development and administration, and 360 analysis of the Strategic Systems Management Office function.
  • National Partnership for Juvenile Services (2014-15) – Designed, field-tested and finalized two classroom curricula and four virtual courses that are being used nationally for youth care workers in residential programs.
  • National Institute of Corrections, Academy Division (2013-15) – Updated and redesigned NIC’s Training Series (curricula for Learning Administrators, Learning Professionals, Learning Designers, and Performance Coaches) from classroom-only to blended approaches, including virtual learning segments, self-paced assignments and some essential classroom-based events.
  • National Institute of Corrections, Prisons Division (2010-2014) – Designed a series of training and coaching events titled A Systems Approach to Organization Performance; leading faculty teams to deliver the curriculum in state agencies across the country.
  • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (formerly Wyeth, 2009-2013) – Co-facilitated a week-long Systems Thinking and Strategic Management training program for high potential managers at their three Puerto Rico plants and led strategic planning for one of the Pfizer Puerto Rico manufacturing sites.
  • National Institute of Corrections, U.S. Dept. of Justice (2009 to 2012) – Led teams of subject matter experts to develop asynchronous e-learning courses in jail management practices.
  • Avon Products, Inc. (2007-2010) – Facilitated a series of two-day Strategic and Systems Thinking workshops for high potential managers in multiple locations.
  • United States Mint (2008-09) – Taught/facilitated a series of twelve 8-hour Strategic and Systems Thinking workshops for their middle managers as part of their week-long Leadership Development II program.