“The Competitive Edge of the Haines Centre for Strategic Management”

As you make your decisions on how and with whom to proceed, please keep in mind that the five unique qualities of the Haines Centre for Strategic Management are a rare combination.


The Five Unique Qualities That Make Us Different

  1. We are master consultants and Trainers who have the skills, experiences and education you would normally find only in the principals of larger consulting firms and/or senior executives in major organizations. In fact, many of us have been in these roles in our diverse careers. We have the broad in-depth expertise and executive experience needed to work successfully at your senior strategic level. Each principal not only has the strong business background mentioned above but intense humanistic values, behaviors, and facilitative skills to manage projects and processes fraught with complexities, divergent opinions, and strong egos.
  2. However, we do not have a large firm’s overhead. We are an alliance of principals who offer high-level services at lower rates since our overhead is lower. The principals also do the actual delivery so that the use of any of us results in a “seamless” handoff if needed. No more multiple consultants with multiple frameworks and terminology.
  3. We offer a practical, strategic and integrated A-B-C of Strategic ManagementSM based on the Systems Thinking Approach® to complex organizational issues, based on rigorous proven research from General Systems Theory on what works naturally in our world; not just what is traditionally done in bureaucracies of all types. This integrated “Strategic Management System” approach reduces chaos and complexity to elegant simplicity for success, including:
    1. “Reinventing Strategic Management (Planning, Leadership, and Change) Model” that reflects “best practices” thinking on not only how to develop a shared and quantifiable Vision of your Future, but also how to develop the strategies, actions, and key stakeholder commitment to make it a day-to-day reality. It also ensures your change strategies receive the same management attention, commitment, and follow through that ongoing day-to-day issues receive. It provides the discipline, 44 fail-safe mechanisms and structures, persistence, and follow-up required for successful change.
    2. An “Organizational Systems Model” to use as a diagnostic tool and framework to create your “desired organizational results through both leverage points to high performance:
      1. Alignment of your delivery system and processes to customer needs;
      2. Attunement with peoples’ hearts and minds in support of the customer.
  4. We have extensive skills and expertise in group facilitation, team building, and adult learning theory (adults learn best by doing) which underlies all that we do. This ensures that actual individual learnings are internalized, behavior change occurs, and organizational improvements are achieved. The “What”—“So What”—“Now What” cycle.
  5. We use Best Practices Research in all we do. We have been action researchers, interpreters, and translators of original research for many years. Thus, we can provide you with practical, usable and simple, yet powerful formats, surveys, and processes, tailored to your needs based on these Best Practices.
  6. We assist you in building your own internal cadre and expertise. We work closely with you throughout to support your leadership and to transfer our expertise to you at your pace. It is our belief that this is the only way major change can be successful long term.


In summary: “Systems Fit, Alignment, and Watertight Integrity”


We offer you an integrated Systems Thinking Approach based on “best practices” to make sure your strategic change is properly designed and managed. It will be closely tied to your strategies, based on adult learning principles, supportive of your staff and leadership, and facilitated by master consultants.