Joint Venture for Performance Registry Services
An Integrated Line of Business of The Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Joint Venture for Performance Registry Services represents the Next Generation – in Commercial Customer Service

The Joint Venture for Performance Registry Services (JV) has resulted from a year of intense planning and work by a group of innovative breeds. The JV is the working name for an alliance between the American Gelbvieh Association, American Salers Association, International Brangus Breeders Association, North American Limousin Foundation, Red Angus Association of America and North American South Devon Association. This Joint Venture of breed associations will provide data collection and processing for their members, while simultaneously allowing for individual breeds to maintain their own identity. The result of this collaboration will be the best, most predictable, multi-breed genetic predictions (EPDs), information services and selection tools that should enhance the sustainability of participating breeds? members and the profitability of their commercial customers.


The following is the JV Vision:

  • We are a joint venture of breed associations that provide data collection and processing, information services and genetic evaluation to our breed associations and their members.
  • We provide the best, most predictable, multi-breed genetic information and tools as a unique competitive advantage for the success of the Joint Venture Partners and their customers to enhance the profitability of the breed industry.
  • This is to include:
    • Registration software
    • Mandatory Total Herd Reporting
    • Multi-breed pooled NCE
    • Decision aids (decision support software)
    • Support software
    • One suite of EPDs on one scale
  • This includes continuous and evolving information technology programs.
  • Registration and information services
    • We will provide industry leading information services, research (primarily university) and education to the involved breeds and the commercial customers they serve.
    • We will design and implement systems for our breed association members to provide genetics to the commercial cattle industry that are the most accurately and objectively described in the seedstock world.
  • Technology and Database – Develop and implement the common database, registration software and E-communications to successfully operate the JV.
  • Marketing, PR and Education – We will have an education/marketing component that educates our breed association members, commercial customers and the entire beef industry about the value, credibility and integrity of our concept and services.

The JV is a tremendous step forward for breed associations. Specifically, it solves associations’ long-term information systems/registration software needs, and allows breeds to gain efficiencies by spreading the cost of infrastructure.€  Reducing the burden of the data warehouse should free participating breeds to pursue continued improvement in commercial marketing services.  The JV will provide stability for participating breeds? National Cattle Evaluations and produce state-of-the-art multi-breed EPDs. Commercial producers will finally have the tools they need to make better informed crossbreeding decisions. Through pooled funding, the JV ensures that research priorities are completed, so that participating breeds continue to have the most economically relevant genetic selection tools in the industry. Perhaps most important, it positions the partner breeds in the market as the innovators allowing them to better serve commercial bull customers.