Client Results Achieved by Haines Centre for Strategic Management sms 5

Client Results Achieved by Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Industry Type Location Public/Private Annual Revenue Length of Engagement
Construction Arizona Public $500+ million 5 years


From: A family-owned, not well-run, hand-to-mouth company To: A strategically-run, centralized and widely recognized company


Business Problem Solutions Major Results
  • Company not very well-run
  • Helped hire key executives
  • Focus on Continuous Improvement
  • Emphasized concept of Organizational Consistency with Operational Flexibility
  • Implemented Strategic Management Committee
  • Instituted Continuous Improvement Awards prgm.
  • Received 2003 Business Ethics Award from BBB
  • Established Futures Committee
  • Lacking in strategic planning, especially with regard to financial management
  • Developed and implemented Strategic Plan
  • Introduced Annual Reviews and updates
  • Emphasized importance of each subsidiary company implementing 3-yr business plans
  • Helped create Key Success Measures (KSMs)
  • Received 7 industry awards that honor best projects and practices in the field in 2002
  • 5 consecutive years of record performance
  • Annually update Marketing and Tactical Plans
  • $130 million gain since 1998
  • Employees under-trained and unappreciated
  • Lack depth of experience in all key positions
  • Money lost to accident costs
  • Emphasized Competitive Business Advantage and the need for well-trained, highly-supported employees
  • Implemented Leadership Training programs
  • Reinforced importance of safety training for Business Excellence
  • All employees complete ~27,000 hrs of training, 98% of whom exceeded annual training goals
  • KSMs integrated into new bonus system
  • Utilize internet technologies for remote training
  • In FY 2002, lowest accident cost in company hist.
  • Instituted Pre-Planning and Take-Five For Safety programs
  • Offer safety training to all field employees
  • Insufficient customer focus
  • Redirected focus onto Quadruple Bottom Line (Customers, Employees, Shareholders, and Society)
  • Created road map to World Class “Star” Positioning
  • Developed a Foundation for community involvement and charity
  • Encouraged employee membership to 15 Trade Organizations in 2002
  • Revised Mission Statement to focus on customers
  • Poor organizational communication
  • Lack of innovation and teamwork
  • Reinforced importance of communication for Competitive Business Advantage
  • Developed Core Strategy of Continuous Improvement
  • Developed corporate intranet for knowledge sharing
  • Centralized its headquarters in AZ
  • Established a unitary mission and vision


Doug Pruitt (Chairman and CEO): “A good common sense approach, an excellent reputation and references, experience with construction, a known quality, with a focus on implementation and change; not just planning.”

Richard Condit (Senior Vice President): “We’ve just had the most profitable year in the 100+ years we’ve been in existence—and our Strategic Management System installed by the Centre is the major reason why.”

Founded in 1890 by a Norwegian ship carpenter, this construction company grew steadily throughout the years as a family-run business. It began to receive work from the military, which greatly increased its recognition worldwide, leading it into the international market. During the 1970s, the construction company completed over 700 projects, and it began to form and acquire subsidiary companies. By the end of the decade, the company became incorporated, and in the 1980s family members secured the positions of President and CEO. During the 90s the corporation created a building division, special projects division, and a heavy/civil construction division. The corporation continued to acquire smaller construction companies, which allowed it to continually grow and complete projects in 21 states and 11 foreign countries.

Despite its outward successes, the company was not well run and was losing money. It lacked future thinking and strategic planning. It also lacked innovation, proper communication channels, and teamwork.

With the help of the Haines Centre for Strategic Management, beginning in 1998, the construction company quickly attained its proper market standing. The Centre’s top coach helped the company develop and implement its first Strategic Plan. Key executive positions were filled. Annual reviews and updates, focusing on Continuous Improvement and Enterprise-Wide Change, were also put into effect.

To unite all of the business units under one identity, the subsidiary companies changed their names to that of the main corporation. Name recognition greatly increased. The centralized headquarters also enhanced communications and business efficiency.

The company is now 100% employee-owned through their Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). It is strategically run, with an eye on the future, a hand outstretched to the community, and one of the oldest legacies in the business.