Client Results Achieved by Haines Centre for Strategic Management sms 3

Client Results Achieved by Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Industry Type Location Public/Private Annual Revenue Length of Engagement
Industrial Product Supplier California Public $65 billion 8 years (on and off)


From: A profitable, family-run, operationally managed business with high interpersonal tension. To: A multi-million dollar, strategically managed, integral and leading part of the world’s largest home improvement retailer.


Business Problem Solutions Major Results
  • High interpersonal tension
  • Developed Strategic Life Plan for top executives
  • Individual coaching for each executive
  • Implemented team-building initiatives
  • Achievement of shared vision and mission based on key initiatives
  • Highest performing team years between 1998 and 2002
  • Sold business for $300 million
  • Outgrowing old management processes
  • Introduced Systems Thinking Approach to:
  • Competitive, Strategic Business Plan
  • Quadruple Bottom Line results
  • Simultaneous future and day-to-day focus
  • Implemented organizational/staffing plan to increase sales growth
  • Created long-term incentives program
  • Conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys
  • Not competitive with larger companies
  • Demonstrated how to achieve Enterprise-Wide Change, leading to:
  • Competitive Business Edge
  • Increased Customer Value
  • World-Class Star Positioning
  • Merged business with world’s largest home improvement retailer
  • 30%+ annual sales growth
  • $65 billion in buying power
  • $100 million in sales
  • Behind the technological times
  • Presented Strategic Business Case for improved technology
  • Helped hire and coach technology exec
  • New EVP in charge of online sector
  • Online, phone, fax ordering capabilities
  • Free same-day and next-day delivery
  • Electronic transfer of funds capabilities
  • Lacking key executives
  • Coached and helped hire EVP and other key employees
  • Implemented Leadership Development System
  • Diversified and expert executive board
  • Maintain decreased employee turnover as a primary Key Success Factor
  • Conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys


Ron Turk, Executive Vice President: “To this day, I am pleased to have had the association with Steve and the Centre and the significant value they have provided to my career growth and our company’s planning capabilities. Steve’s teaching and mentoring was clearly a big step in a transformational journey our organization went on for the 3 to 5 years after we met.”

This company was a family-owned and run operation when the Haines Centre for Strategic Management was asked to help. The Husband was the chairman, the wife was the president, one son was the Vice President of Marketing, and the other son was the Vice President of Sales.

The company is an industrial product supplier of maintenance, repair and operations products to owners and managers of multi-housing, lodging, educational and commercial properties, healthcare providers and government installations. When the Haines Centre for Strategic Management was hired to help, the company was outgrowing its management processes that had supported the business.

The first implementation was a Strategic Life Plan for the husband and wife. Ultimately, after much consulting help by the Centre to plan and execute needed changes, the family-owned business was sold for $300 million. It was purchased by the world’s largest home improvement retailer, operating more than 1,500 stores across North America.

Prior to the acquisition process, the Centre’s top coach initiated Strategic Planning, team-building practices, individual professional coaching, and an Executive/Leader Development Program. In addition, he helped the company embrace the computer technology that would elevate it to its World Class Star Positioning.

The diversity of types of growth that the company was now going after greatly stretched its old ways of decision-making. It included different customer segments, significant increases in new products, and value proposition enhancements.

Currently, one of the executives coached by the Centre is now the Executive Vice President of the company and is in charge of running the online sector of the entire home improvement retail company.

The company and its acquirer fit well together, and the Centre’s work led to increases in both companies’ profitability.

Today the combined company boasts $65 billion buying power that it uses to ensure low wholesale prices. They sell quality, name-brand products, and they offer free same-day and next-day delivery.

The financial results of the sale to the larger company are unparalleled by its competitors.